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From Modern to Traditional, there are so many ways to swiftly furnish your vacant listing on a budget! 

A vacant listing can often be difficult for potential buyers to visualize the living space inside a home while searching for a home online. Using virtual staging simply means to add digital furniture and décor to vacant room photos, which makes the listing more appealing to buyers that are searching for homes online. 

Why Are Attractive Online Listings So Important? According to a recent report by the National Association of REALTORS Over 95% of people searched for a home online before contacting a Realtor. If you want your property to sell at faster pace, you need a listing that entices buyers to reach out and ask about it. While traditional open houses and media publication listings are still widely used, they are not nearly as useful as an online listing that buyers can browse for exactly what they want in the comfort of their own home. Buyers still want the visual experience when they are searching for homes online, which focuses on the listing photos
to be one of the most vital parts of any real estate listing to make the best first impression. ​


Is Virtual Staging Cost Effective? Physical home staging is a great tool that has the potential for a high return on investment, but it is also an expensive and time consuming tool that is not always affordable for every homeowner. A good virtual staging company can provide realistic virtually staged photos of the home for a fraction of the cost of physical home staging. Virtual staging also allows real estate agents located anywhere in the world to submit photos to be virtually staged, so even in rural areas where there are simply no options for physical home staging, virtual staging can still be achieved. 


Is Virtual Staging Ethical? Yes, but to a certain degree. Article 12 in the Realtor’s Code of Ethics is “Be honest and truthful in real estate communications…” and this is an understandable concern. Using virtual staging while staying in compliance with the Realtor’s Code of Ethics is to only add what is not there through furniture and décor, the very same items that would be added by using s physical home stager. You could also state that the photos are “virtually staged” in the listing comments, or you could request a “virtually staged” stamp to be placed on the photos to display when the photos are uploaded to the listing. However, some virtual staging companies offer services to alter paint colors, add appliances, alter the construction, or add flooring, which could actually lead to a complaint under Article 12. Be sure to choose a virtual staging company that understands the boundaries of good ethics, but can still create beautiful virtually staged photos without compromise.

How Can Virtual Staging Help Me? Virtual staging can go beyond placing a couch in the living room or a bed in the bedroom. A virtual staging designer with experience and a large portfolio of samples can offer you a cost efficient way to better market your vacant real estate listings online. The key to utilizing virtual staging is to enable the photos of your listing to drive someone searching for a home online to immediately contact a listing agent to set up a showing. Virtual staging can help you to make sure that you are marketing the vacant listing online to the best advantage.

Virtual staging is a growing tool for real estate agents and many virtual staging companies are popping up quite fast. So the question is, how do I know which virtual staging company to use? My virtual staging business is very important to me so I offer a more personalized service to all of my customers. Most of the larger virtual staging companies offer ultra modern, or modern virtual staging styles which may be suitable for most vacant homes, but what if your vacant listing has a more traditional or rustic feel? The available virtual staging furniture should be able to compliment all home styles, from traditional to modern. ​

Virtual staging can be an incredible, cost effective tool for real estate agents, property investors, and landlords. Real estate agents can also add virtual staging to their marketing services when they meet with home sellers trying to compete for a listing. 

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Virtual Staging York, Maine - Review by Britta A. - ​This was my first time working with Angie but it will not be the last. She was professional, helpful and timely. Angie helped answer the questions I had and directed me to exactly what I needed for successful virtual staging for the empty home I listed. I have already received positive feedback from other agents and buyers about how realistic the virtual staging looks and that it is helpful in visualizing how to utilize the space in the home. I would highly recommend Angie at Virtually Staged Real Estate. - digital staging.jpeg - stage photos.jpeg

Virtual Staging in Ottawa, Canada - Review by Nick W. - We work with Angie for all of our Virtual Staging needs.
​Different styles of furniture can accent different types of homes. Angie goes above and beyond in finding the style that works best for each individual property. We're lucky to have her on our team! - Maine - vurtual staging

Virtual Staging Columbus, Ohio - Review by Kerstin B. - My first experience with using virtually staged photos exceeded my expectations! Angie of Virtually Staged Real Estate answered all my questions in a timely manner and then delivered the photos to me faster than expected. My clients and I are both extremely pleased with the pictures. I will be using Virtually Staged Real Estate again in the future! - staged - virtual staging companies

Virtual Staging Lee, New Hampshire - Review by Tammy A. - Angie is a pleasure to work with! She is very positive and very importantly her virtual staging turnaround time is great. She goes out of her way to take the time to look at other pictures of the house to make sure the virtually staged rooms match the rest of house. - Georgia - best virtual staging

Virtual staging Gaithersburg, Maryland - Review by Gabriella B. - Angie is professional and prompt in her digital virtual staging work and in her communication! The virtual staging photos were easy for me to order, and I didn't even have to choose specific colors and types of furniture. I asked for a minimalist and modern look and she knocked it out of the park. Within 1 day of posting the virtually staged photos on one of my listings, multiple agents reached out to me impressed with the photos and asking for her contact info. I've had many buyers comment on how helpful it is to have those virtually staged photos for spatial reference. I will be relying on Angie for future orders! - virtual staging 24 hours - virtual furnishing

Virtual Staging ​Stratham New Hampshire - Review by Elizabeth H. - Specializing in new construction, virtual staging is an important and influential resource for us. We have already used Angie several times for a handful of homes, and the experience has been phenomenal every time. When she says 24-hour turnaround, she means it! The photos have blown us and our clients and customers away, with potential buyers even showing up to a house saying “Where’s the furniture?” because it looks so realistic in the photos! Not only is her quality unmatched, but her pricing is by far the most affordable we found. I would recommend Angie and her services to all Realtors, hands down! - virtual curb appeal.jpeg

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Spruce up an exterior space using

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